Netherlands New Years EVE sparks fire tornado … Firenado!

Scheveningen, the Netherlands

Every year you will find one of the largest Bonfires built of wooden pallets in a beach side area of Noorderstrand beach in Scheveningen. This year it went a little out of control.

Taking five days to build with a team of enthusiastic people all looking forward to the New Years Eve party. Wooden pallets piled higher and higher every New Years Eve in a competition with the neighbouring area of Duindorp.

With spectacular fireworks and the largest bonfire in the world, it continues to be a spectacular sight for visitors and attracts around 130,000 of them from across the world and locally.

2015 was a spectacular year when the Guinness World record was broken at 8,695 cubic metres. There is no prize, just the title of the biggest bonfire in the Netherlands.

This year the emergency service had their work cut out when things got out of control, buildings had to be dampened down to avoid them catching light as ash flew everywhere. You can see more on the photos and video links.

With next years celebrations a year away, it will be interesting to see what happens and if the annual tradition of building the largest Bonfire in the Netherlands continues to attract the crowds or if they will come up against an objection from the local residents or not.

What do you think? Do you think the annual tradition of building the largest bonfire should continue?

Photos of the previous New Years Eve Bonfire events and video

Fireworks at night

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