About AB

Welcome to my site A2BwithAB, documenting global culture, luxury lifestyle, travel tips, photography and more…

Hi, I’m Andria B author of A2BwithAB. I have experience and a passion for travel and helping others. My aim is to help you get the most from your own travel adventures.

I have a wealth of travel experience and have spent time as a British Ex-Pat living in multiple countries including Spain, India and the Netherlands.

I believe in being well informed, creating elevated experiences and being fully engaged with you on the journey.

I hope to inspire people everywhere and be your guide to help you achieve great value using my tried and tested methods. Good experiences come from good knowledge and collaboration and I will be here for you!

I’m excited to share a visual dialogue, learn about you and help you get the most from where you go, what you do, see and wish…

Happy adventures!